Southern Cross University has a strong commitment to its role as a leader in achieving environmental, social and economic sustainability through our teaching, research and operations. The University Strategic Plan has embedded sustainability as a core strategic goal. Goal 3 states that "We will pursue targeted growth to ensure a sustainable future".

SCU One Planet

SCU One Planet is the over-arching program for sustainability initiatives at SCU. It is a focal point for staff and students wanting to learn about our commitments, demonstrates how individuals can take action and highlights our sustainability projects and progress.take action

The name SCU One Planet refers to our ecological footprint. An Ecological Footprint is defined as "the area of land needed to produce the natural resources a population consumes and to assimilate the waste that population produces." Simpson, et. al (2000) pp11-18

Studies of Australia's Ecological Footprint indicate that the average Australian requires nearly 6 hectares of ecologically productive land to support his or her lifestyle. This is well above the global average of 1.8 hectares per capita and puts Australia in the top 5 consumers per capita in the world. For further information on ecological footprints, see our links and resources page.

SCU One Planet outlines how we as a University and as individuals can reverse the trend of over-consumption, reduce our Ecological Footprint and move towards living within the means of one planet.

Reference - Simpson, R., Petroeschevsky, A. and Lowe, I. (2000) "An Ecological Footprint Analysis for Australia", Australian Journal of Environmental Management. Vol 7, Issue 1, pp11-18.

Sustainability Focus Areas

Our sustainability information and initiatives are grouped in to six focus areas:

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