'Biodiversity' or 'biological diversity' is the variety of life on earth including genetic, species and ecosystem diversity. Biodiversity includes all the different plants, animals and micro-organisms such as bacteria and provides us with clean air and water, fertile soils, foods, medicines and raw materials for manufacture. Biodiversity is an indicator of the health of our environment on campus.

What is the University doing?

Southern Cross University recognises that Lismore campus provides habitat not just for our use but for many plants and animals, some of which are threatened species requiring our protection.

A vegetation survey of Lismore Campus conducted in 2012 provided baseline data of flora and plant communities present, and will inform the development of a Landscape Management Plan for Lismore campus by Property Services. The four-part vegetation survey report can be downloaded from the links below:

A number of student research projects in recent years have contributed to our knowledge of the fauna on Lismore campus. Environment, Science and Engineering students have researched koala, bat, reptile and frog populations. The vegetation survey and ongoing koala research being conducted on campus will assist in the development of a Koala Plan of Management for Lismore campus.

Wildlife on Campus Poster Project

First year School of Arts and Social Sciences students of the design unit 'Caught in the Web' worked on a Wildlife on Campus Poster Live Ideas project in Session One 2016. Students' posters were displayed in the Learning Centre, Lismore campus and staff and students could vote in a People's Choice Award. The winning poster was also selected by staff from SCU Engagement, WHS and the Health Clinic to be used on Lismore campus.

What can I do?

  • Drive slowly and carefully to protect wildlife.
  • Don't feed the wildlife.
  • Respect and care for the environment that provides habitat for our wildlife.
  • Learn about what native flora and fauna you live with.

Consider joining the SCrUb Club on Lismore Campus, Landcare or a local bush regeneration group to help repair, restore and manage our natural environment.