Wildlife on Campus Poster project

Winning Wildlife on Campus poster

First year School of Arts and Social Sciences students of the design unit 'Caught in the Web' have been working on a Live Ideas project to design an attractive poster to raise awareness and educate staff, students and visitors about potentially dangerous wildlife on Lismore campus and to encourage coexistence in a peaceful, safe and respectful way. Lecturer Dr Alyssa Simone incorporated the poster design project into student assessment with a briefing provided by SCU Engagement, 'the client'.

An exhibition of the student posters in the Learning Centre, Lismore campus and on the SCU website enabled staff and students to vote for their favourite in a People's Choice Award. Karlyn Major's poster received the highest number of votes and staff from SCU Engagement, Workplace Health and Safety and the SCU Health Clinic also voted for Karlyn's poster and worked with her to develop the poster further for display around campus.

You can browse through all the student Wildlife on Campus Posters.

PLEASE NOTE: The competition posters have not been reviewed for the accuracy of the information displayed. Do not rely on the information provided in the posters in identifying or responding to potentially dangerous wildlife.

Here's what students had to say about the project:

  • '… a huge challenge and immense fun trying to successfully meet the design brief - and I'm so glad to say that I feel much more confident/comfortable about encountering snakes now after researching them for this project. With this unusually warm weather I'm keeping an eye out for them in our garden now' Jane Morgan
  • '… great fun during this assessment and I can say that this unit is one of the best units I have studied' Nikhil Patel