Engaging with our Communities

Engaging with our communities is at the heart of what we do at Southern Cross University.

Through collaboration with our communities we create authentic learning experiences for our students and globally recognised innovative and relevant research.

Our founding Act describes a principal function of the University as "the provision of courses of study or instruction across a range of fields, and the carrying out of research, to meet the needs of the community". Our vision and mission are firmly anchored in the ways that we enrich communities through the excellence of our graduates and the quality of our teaching and research.

We work to create distinctive opportunities for engaged learning and research as a hallmark of the Southern Cross University experience.

We are here:

  • Supporting our students to reach their potential through an awesome student experience inside and outside the classroom
  • Providing more opportunities for our students and our researchers through partnering with our communities
  • Providing student amenities that make our campuses amazing places to study, play and be healthy
  • Supporting our academic colleagues to adopt more engaged research and teaching practices as a central element of their work as scholars and citizens
  • Driving decision making in the University to embrace quadruple bottom line approaches to sustainable development

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