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CubeWalk is a network of interactive public artworks which have been installed across the Lismore campus of Southern Cross University. CubeWalk draws on the natural and cultural dimensions of the campus to create spaces for engaging with sustainability as a dynamic process of social and ecological change. This involves opening the university up to a broader public and providing opportunities for people of all ages to engage with the social and environmental issues of our times.

New to CubeWalk - CubeWalk Soundtrail

The CubeWalk Soundtrail is an immersive, documentary-based audio walk across SCU's Lismore campus. Using the Soundtrails mobile application, you can experience a series of richly designed audio stories produced by students in the Bachelor of Media degree, who have captured stories of resilience, passion and success from students, staff and the wider SCU community.

The CubeWalk journey

Fundamental to CubeWalk is the actual experience of walking the network and engaging with the rich sensory environments which the campus has to offer. How you choose to journey through CubeWalk is up to you. CubeWalk draws on placemaking strategies to make sustainability concepts sensible, perceptible and tangible for public audiences. Each mode has an activity and each cube location has a different concept to consider. Printed maps showing the cube locations are available from the Learning Centre or they can be downloaded here.

Once you've got the map, there are three basic ways to journey in CubeWalk:

  1. Start anywhere on campus and navigate between the cubes. Post geotagged photos of the cubes using social media #cubewalk.
  2. Consider the concepts and practices associated with the cubes that you encounter. Post your geotagged thoughts and comments on social media #cubewalk.
  3. Undertake one of the four activities based on the modes of being, dwelling, thinking and making. Share your responses to the activities on social media #cubewalk.

Learning through CubeWalk

CubeWalk establishes a material, social and conceptual network that students, staff and the wider community can navigate and engage with in a variety of ways.

  • Materially: CubeWalk consists of twelve glass cubes which reflect the diverse learning environments of the Lismore campus.
  • Socially: CubeWalk provides different modes of interacting with the network by walking between the cubes and responding in a variety of ways.
  • Conceptually: CubeWalk links each installation to concepts and actions which foster different perspectives on social and environmental issues.

CubeWalk provides an infrastructure for ongoing innovations in teaching, learning and research within the university, as currently being explored through the States and Territories project. Across these academic endeavours, CubeWalk seeks to foster sustainable patterns of thinking and action within learning environments as 'nature cultures': common worlds which are always shared with multiple others. This aim is predicated on a radical openness to diverse ways of being and knowing which operate across disciplines, across cultures, and across species.

CubeWalk is an installation based on David Rousell's 'States and Territories' Doctoral research.

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