Diane Robertson - Psychologist

Diane Robertson
B.A. BSc. Psych (Hons),
Postgrad Dip Prof Psych

Di is a registered psychologist with an interest in working with adults, couples, adolescents and children. She has studied extensively in the psychology area and utilises these skills to provide a professional, evidence based approach to working with clients. Di has a background in the arts and worked as a producer and script editor for 15 years with some of Australia's top film directors. In this role she developed strong communication skills, support skills, analytical skills and team-fostering skills. This process also formed the foundation for developing a sensitive ear for the unique quality of each individual story.

Di integrates this previous career by working in a dynamic and creative way with the therapeutic story. Di believes that fundamental to this process is creating a safe, unique space for working with challenges and exploring growth and change. She acknowledges that entering therapy can be a difficult decision, treating this journey with respect and acceptance.

Focus areas


Di is trained in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) which the World Health Organisation lists as having the highest evidence base approach and recommends as the first line of treatment for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Trauma encompasses many aspects of psychological distress including exposure to life threatening situations, sexual assault, domestic violence, childhood trauma, car accidents, war and natural disasters. Di is interested in fostering an awareness of innate survival skills that operate within trauma survivors and facilitating growth in a client's own personal resources. Di has experience with somatic interventions and mindfulness which she believes are crucial in dampening the past trauma's ability to continually to activate the body's fight/flight mechanisms.

Children and Adolescents

Children and adolescents face many challenges and Di's experience with this group focuses on building essential life skills such as emotional regulation, resilience and social skills training. Increasing feelings of competence, independence and autonomy are important considerations in improving mental health issues for young people - an area Di studied extensively for her thesis project. This project also considered the positive psychology realm of gratitude which Di often uses with this group to increase the growing brain's formation of positively focused neural pathways. Di is a fully qualified Cogmed coach and can implement the Cogmed Working Memory program which the Australian Psychological Society recommends as a successful treatment for ADHD. She holds a current Working with Children Check.


Di uses the Emotionally Focused Therapy framework for couples as it has a high evidence base for positive outcomes in couples counselling and allows long term skills in communication and negotiation to be developed. It is a systematic, pragmatic 9 stage framework that works towards unlocking unhealthy emotional patterns in relationships. Di is guided in the early assessment phase by attachment theories and schema modes. In her approach to couples counselling Di supports and encourages the exploration of values within family systems and see this as an important consideration in consolidating a relationship. Di believes in valuing the critical role that successful interpersonal relationships contribute to overall wellness and successful psychological lifespan development..

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