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Encore 2020 is a release of our music and performance showcase from last year which includes student and community performers from our regions alongside a headline act. There are 3 videos available for you to enjoy.

Watch performance 1 on YouTube
Watch performance 2 on YouTube
Watch performance 3 on YouTube

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Celebrating our diversity through sharing the food we love!

Enjoy the recipe contributions from students and staff from their cultural or family cuisines. The tastes of fusion and warmth in the stories of culture leap off the pages of this beautifully curated online cookbook. Thanks to student run Flunk Magazine for bringing this to life!

To view and and download, visit 2021 Fusion Festival Cookbook

You can also view and download the 2020 Fusion Festival Cookbook here

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Sharing the heart of your culture!

We asked students and staff to share favourite aspects of their culture with the broader Southern Cross University community including talking about and demonstrating the special significance of place, cuisine, national dress, language, performance, art or craft and more.

Enjoy this feature video which is our favourite of those submitted by our student contributors.

Video by Rahat Azhar: 

"Hi everyone, I'm Rahat and I'm from Pakistan. I recently moved to Australia and love it here. Yet, we miss our home country so much. It was a pleasure making this video about Pakistan and I hope everyone who watched enjoyed it and learned something about our beautiful country :)"

Video: Pakistani Culture 


The power of music can bring people together!

Our Spotify collaborative playlists have been curated by staff and students in keeping with the theme Unity in Diversity. During the Festival, be sure to indulge in this musical feast and engage with thought provoking dialogue on diversity and inclusion.

Go to Spotify music playlist
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What can you do this week to further your awareness and understanding of our increasingly diverse society and university community?

We invite you to visit the SBS Cultural Atlas that explores the biggest migrant populations in Australia.

Choose a culture different to yours and learn something new. 

SBS Cultural Atlas