Schools & Community Outreach Program


The School and Community Outreach Program is part of Southern Cross University's commitment to improving access, participation and support of people who are under-represented in higher education, with a particular focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and students from low socio-economic backgrounds.

The program works with primary and secondary school students, their communities and families within and beyond our campus regions and is designed to:

  • increase knowledge and understanding of higher education and career options,
  • build confidence and motivation towards higher education,
  • improve academic readiness for higher education, and
  • support teachers, families and community to assist students to reach their potential for higher education.

The program has a unique focus and content for each year, delivered through small group,  hands-on activities, seminars and larger group presentations. This provides lots of opportunities to meet and interact with university student mentors who provide a personal perspective on university by sharing their insights and experiences.

Please contact Victoria Drury if you have any questions.

Logo for Outreach