Acid sulfate soils professional short course, Perth Feb 2020

Between 20 and 21 February, Southern Cross GeoScience and the Environmental Analysis Laboratory, in collaboration with the Western Australian Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER), presented a Professional Acid Sulfate Soil Short Course in Perth. The first course in Western Australia since 2015, it incorporated the latest national assessment guidance published in 2018 by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

The course was led by Dr Nick Ward, Dr Steve Appleyard and Graham Lancaster, co-authors of some of the national guidance documents. Additional presenters included Nadia Toppler (SCU and  a co-author of the national guidance documents), Dr Bill Richmond (DWER), Brad Palmer (Galt Environmental), Daniel Rajah (City of Stirling), Dr Karen Mackenzie (Land & Water Consulting), James Gibson (Western Environmental) and Kurt Blackman (RPS). Twenty five participants from around Western Australia were in attendance including participants from state and local governments, and private environmental consulting and mining companies.

The training program followed the five stages required in a full acid sulfate soil investigation process, together with case studies provided by local environmental consultants. The field investigation process was discussed during a field excursion to the well-known acid sulfate soil site of Spoonbill Reserve in the Perth suburb of Stirling; an overview of the management of the site was given by Daniel Rajah (City of Stirling).

The two day course includes lectures, a practical exercise, a field excursion, morning and afternoon refreshments, and lunches. The training course is designed for professionals such as consultants, engineers, contractors, scientists, environmental officers, and planners who regularly deal with acid sulfate soils during development. It is designed to equip participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to assess acid sulfate soils in a variety of landscapes.

All profits from the course fund new postgraduate students at Southern Cross GeoScience. 

The next course is scheduled for 13–14 August on the Gold Coast. For further details including an outline of the course, please visit the following link: Short Course

What did participants say about the Short Course in February 2020?

“Great presenters that made everything easy to understand.”

“Presenters were well educated and knowledgeable on ASS but were good at communicating the science and legislation. I originally thought it was a bit expensive but after attending the course it is good value for money!”

“Having people from labs, unis, regulators and consultants made for many different views which was helpful. The calculations were also very useful!”

“I 100% got what I came for thank you.”