Australian Biological Farming Conference and Expo, 9-12 Nov 2018

The Australian Biological Farming Conference and Expo is rapidly approaching!

Held at the Southern Cross University Gold Coast campus, from Friday 9th to Monday 12th of November 2018, the conference and expo is set to be an inspiring and informative national event.

In a nexus between science and nature, the Biological Farming Conference will introduce speakers from across the nation and around the world, bringing together experts in the field of biological farming systems along with recognised farmers, producers and service providers.

Details of the plennary and concurrent sessions are now available in the conference program. Some of the esteemed speakers include:

Michael Philips, of Lost Nation Orchard, New Hampshire, USA – a farmer, writer, and orchard consultant, who grows apples and a variety of medicinal herbs. Phillips offers insight into how to make plants and their fungal partners prosper, presenting complex mycorrhizal science in lay terms. Author of Mycorrhizal Planet: How Fungi and Plants Work Together to Create Dynamic Soils.

Jeff Moyer of Rodale Institute in Pennsylvania, USA – a world renowned authority in biological and organic agriculture, with a focus on weed management, cover crops, crop rotations, equipment modification and use, and facilities design. Author of Organic No-Till Farming (2011).

Prof Carlo Leifert - Director, Centre for Organics Research at Southern Cross University – previous Director of the Nafferton Ecological Farming Group at Newcastle University, England. Leifert has wide experience as a course director, establishing courses in organic farming and food production systems and sustainable farming and food security.

Prof Susanne Schmidt – University of Queensland School of Agriculture and Food Sciences – an ecophysiologist, educator and fellow of the Alexander von Hmumboldt Foundation, who leads a team researching natural ecosystems and agro-ecosystems at the interface of plants, microbes and soils.

Rob Hinrichsen of Kalfresh – responsible for one of the biggest vegetable farming operations in Queensland. Hinrichsen has focussed on controlled traffic farming, the use of compost and biological fertilisers, cover crops and integrated pest management to improve soil health and farm productivity.

Nick Kelly, broadacre farmer from Western Australia – a farmer who has created a weather resilient farming system that enhances soil health, sequesters carbon, reduces erosion, increases moisture retention, reduces chemical use and improves crop yields.

Dan Falkenberg, Barossa Valley’s Viticulturist of the Year for 2018 – a vigneron who embraces water saving techniques to improve yield and benefit soil health. Falkenberg discusses techniques like vine straw mulching, composting and the use of soil moisture monitoring proves for real time decision making, the blending of compost to suit specific soil types and the use of native grasses to enhance vineyard biodiversity, improve soil biota and soil water infiltration.

Dr Neil Wilson, postdoctoral research fellow, Sydney School of Agriculture – a specialist and communicator in molecular biology and the ecology of agriculturally relevant microorganisms.

EAL has a long history of working with environmental and agricultural managers to provide quality results for baseline data and farm management. We are excited to be part of the conversation, and look forward to discussing how laboratory analysis can make a practical difference to regenerative farming.