SETAC 2019 Conference - 7 to 10 July

EAL is pleased to provide silver sponsorship to the upcoming SETAC conference, 7 to 10 July. Graham Lancaster, director and laboratory manager, is looking forward to joining national and international delegates in Darwin. The theme of the conference, “Protecting and improving the environment through collaboration – across disciplines and across borders”, fits perfectly with the work the lab undertakes. EAL collaborates with stakeholders across Australia and overseas to choose appropriate methods for quality assured provision of data.

EAL routinely conducts environmental monitoring of waters for physicochemical parameters, metals, contamination, nutrients, salts, bacteria and algal biomass.

In addition to routine testing, EAL specialises in:

  • Dissolved organic carbon
  • Stable isotope 
  • Total and dissolved metals and salts to trace levels
  • Speciation of antimony, arsenic, chromium and mercury

If you would like to meet up with Graham, feel free to accost him during the conference, or call for a meeting on the sidelines (0419 984 088).