Understanding your soil analysis - training course - 7 May, 2019

EAL, in combination with Central Queensland Soil Health Systems and Reef Catchments, is pleased to present a full day short course on understanding soil chemistry and the benefits of balanced nutrients in agricultural systems.

Graham Lancaster will be presenting on Tuesday, 7 May 2019, a full day workshop covering a range of topics:

  • Discussions of soil carbon and organic matter and the benefits of compost applications
  • In depth assessment into interpretation of agricultural soil chemistry results
  • Basic assessment of benefits of leaf analysis for assessing nutrient deficiencies
  • Practical exercises into soil test results and understanding application rates related to soil results
  • Field based soil pit observations with interpretation
  • Field based soil assessment for chemistry and biological indicators of soil health (using the Soilcare Soil Health Card)
  • In-field soil chemistry report interpretation.

For more information phone 07 4968 4200.