Analytical charges

EAL offer quality analytical services at commercially competitive prices. These are catalouged in a single document as well as field specific files for ease of searching. As analytical requirements vary considerably, charges for each suite of analysis can be negotiated separately.

Please note:

  • sample specific quotes can be negotiated and customised on request.
  • payment is requested on delivery of samples; eftpos and cheques are accepted.
  • invoices are available, with prior approval from accounts administration, and may incur an additional fee.
  • urgent turn-around times are available for selected tests, on request. These incur additional charges of 100% for 24 hours; 50% for 2 days; 25% for 3 days and 12.5% for 4 days.
  • subcontracted analyses are sent to approved laboratories.
  • on-site sample collection by qualified staff is available at a base rate of $110+GST per hour.