Forest Research Centre (FRC)

... focusing on the essential role of forests for people’s livelihoods, quality of air and water, biodiversity, and our capacity to adapt to climate change.

The work of Southern Cross University’s Forest Research Centre (FRC) responds to the increasing demand for forest resources across the landscape in Regional Australia, South-East Asia and the South Pacific. Our researchers have a breadth of interests and expertise including subtropical and tropical forestry, agroforestry, modelling for forest management, forest ecology, biomaterials and energy, beekeeping, ecology and management of forest birds, marsupials and amphibians as well as community engagement. 

The FRC’s research investigates the ecology of native forests in Australia and overseas. Further, it looks at innovative and best practice opportunities to develop forestry and agroforestry while considering environmental implications. Increasing household incomes and livelihood choices of smallholder farmers are a special focus of our research in South-East Asia and the South Pacific.

The Forest Research Centre undertakes its research in collaboration with other Australian and International Universities, government departments, NGOs and the private sector forging strong partnerships and information sharing. Many of our overseas projects are funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).

The University's Southern Cross Plant Science Research Centre contributes to the Forest Research Centre in the areas of forest genetics and genomics.

News 2019: FRC researcher Dr Cherise Addinsall contributed to the development of the Sustainable Tourism Policy for Vanuatu, which was recently signed by the Minister of Tourism. For the full newsletter article please click the following link: SBaT Research Newsletter - Issue 10 - Mar 2019.