Regional Australia Research


Forest science regional Australia researchForest science students at Blue Knob eucalypt forest, north of Lismore campus.

Overview of Projects

The Forest Research Centre’s location in the subtropical Northern NSW positions it well to undertake research-based and innovative approaches to sustainable management of our forest resources in Regional (subtropical and tropical) Australia.

Our research covers a breadth of topics related to forest resources including evaluating management regimes for mixed species plantations, domestication of native tree species, exploring bio and carbon economy opportunities, environmental services provided by reforestation, computer modeling for forest management, new products from trees, forest genetics and community engagement in land use planning.

In the realm of forest health, we collaborate on studies into the serious local problem of Bell Miner Associated Dieback (BMAD) on the wet eucalypt forests of northern NSW, as well as research on forest ecology, management of forest birds, marsupials and amphibians, and threatened species conservation.

Beneficiaries of our Projects

  • Forestry and agricultural practitioners
  • Small-scale farm forestry practitioners – “tree changers” interested in managing their land for a range of biodiversity and sustainable timber production outcomes
  • Consultants
  • Community groups and government agencies involved in restoration projects
  • Southern Cross University students and staff and collaborators from other Universities, government departments, NGOs and the private sector forging strong partnerships and information sharing