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Douglas Sheil

Professor Douglas Sheil

Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management (MINA), Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Box 5003, 1432 Ås, Norway
Senior Research Associate, Center for International Forest Research, (CIFOR), Indonesia
Adjunct Professor, Southern Cross University, NSW, Australia

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Cherise Addinsall

Dr Cherise Addinsall

E: cherise.addinsall@scu.edu.au
T: 045 863 3363
Research Fellow

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Dr Angus Carnegie

E: angus.carnegie@dpi.nsw.gov.au
M: +61 429 453 859

Research and Publications

Mia Cassidy

BAppSC(For)(SCU), BAppSc(For)(Hons)(SCU) 
Current Appointment: Research Associate
E: mia.cassidy@scu.edu.au

More details on Mia's research will be here soon.

Do Thi Thanh Ha_140

Do Thi Thanh Ha

SRI – Silviculture Research Institute, Vietnam and Southern Cross University

Project Title:



DO, H. T. T., GRANT, J. C., TRINH, B. N., ZIMMER, H. C. & NICHOLS, J. D. 2017. Diversity depends on scale in the forests of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity 10:472–488.
DO, H. T. T., GRANT, J. C., TRINH, N. B., ZIMMER, H. C., TRAN, L. D. & NICHOLS, J. D. 2018. Recovery of tropical moist deciduous dipterocarp forest in Southern Vietnam. Forest Ecology and Management 433:184–204.

Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee

BEnvSc, Ethnobotanist

New Colombo Plan Scholar
National Geographic Explorer
Honours Candidate, SCU

As a National Geographic Explorer and New Colombo Plan Scholar, Samantha believes that multiple perspectives are needed to rouse ecologically-rooted solutions to our global crisis. Currently completing her Honours research in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia, Samantha’s research explores the interrelatedness of traditional ecological knowledge and tropical biodiversity conservation. Her findings are revealing that although representing a small proportion of the global population, Indigenous knowledge systems, like those traditionally practiced by the Mentawai people, have potential to make significant contributions to achieving true sustainability, whilst concurrently reversing biodiversity loss and climate catastrophe.
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Sameer Usmani

Sameer Usmani

Masters (by Research) Candidate, SCU

“My current research project is focussed on minimizing the contaminants from gasification using different wood species. The research include experimental work done on gasifier available to determine the carbon and energy production”

Kevin Wilkinson

Masters (by Research) Candidate, SCU

I am a 79 year old retired High School Science teacher who completed a PhD in 2014 at UNE.

In my MSc project at SCU I study the steam bending of timber. The study includes a complete history of the use of this craft since the early Egyptians. The physical processes involved have been studied in detail, particularly the glass transition temperature of the lignin component of the wood. The technique's use has declined over time, and reasons for it have been detailed. Current and future industrial revival and use of the technique is discussed.

Further, a new process, which enables Australia’s most common timber, Radiata Pine, to be permanently bent, without heating is introduced. The development of this process, together with its promotion as a new industrial technique, are part of the project.