Associate Professor J. Doland Nichols


Qualifications BSc University of Oregon
MSc Purdue University
PhD Northern Arizona University


Doland Nichols teaches Native Forest Silviculture (native forest ecology and management), Forest Health (insects, diseases and weeds in forest ecosystems) and Agroforestry and Farm Forestry and is the course coordinator for degrees in Forest Science and Management at SCU. He pursues research in a broad range of topics in forestry, particularly in the tropics and subtropics.

Major themes of his research have been the process of domestication of native rainforest tree species and the development of mixed-species plantations, native forest ecology and management and forest health issues.

Research Interests and Background

J. Doland Nichols first began working in forestry in the Douglas fir forests of western Oregon, as an employee of the US Forest Service. He then spent six years in Costa Rica, as Peace Corps forestry volunteer, researcher and teacher. He completed a Masters degree on the ecology and silviculture of a native Central American tree Terminalia amazonia, and in Ghana West Africa did studies on the ecology and management of Milicia excelsa for a PhD. He is interested in rainforest tree ecology and continues to work with colleagues and students in long-term rainforest trials at Border Ranges National Park.

He has also been active in research and teaching in the field of native forest management in Australian eucalypt forests, where a major shift away from timber production has taken place in recent years.

In the realm of forest health, he collaborates on studies of the serious local problem Bell Miner Associated Dieback (BMAD) in wet eucalypt forests, as well as on the impact of weeds and the development of new pest species in eucalypt and rainforest plantations.

Awards and Distinctions

  • Fellow of Institute of Foresters of Australia
  • Associate Editor of Agroforestry Systems

List of Recent Publications

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HTT Do, JC Grant, NB Trinh, HC Zimmer, LD Tran, JD Nichols (2019), Recovery of tropical moist deciduous dipterocarp forest in Southern Vietnam; Forest Ecology and Management 433, 184-204

HC Zimmer, H Le Thi, D Lo, J Baynes, JD Nichols (2018); Why do farmers still grow corn on steep slopes in northwest Vietnam?; Agroforestry systems 92 (6), 1721-1735

HTT Do, JC Grant, BN Trinh, HC Zimmer, JD Nichols (2017); Diversity depends on scale in the forests of the Central Highlands of Vietnam; Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity 10 (4), 472-488

LTT Kim, JD Nichols, K Brown (2017); Firewood extraction and use in rural Vietnam: a household model for three communes in Ha Tinh Province; Agroforestry systems 91 (4), 649-661

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DP Lestari, JD Nichols (2016); Seedlings of subtropical rainforest species from similar successional guild show different photosynthetic and morphological responses to varying light levels; Tree physiology 37 (2), 186-198

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AE Schnitzer, D Nichols (2015); Developing Inclusive Research Libraries for Patrons and Staff of All Abilities; Association of Research Libraries

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