Dr Manuela Anstoetz

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BSc ("Dipl.-Ing Agr."), Leibniz-University, Hannover, Germany

BSc(Hons) 1st class, Southern Cross University

PhD Southern Cross University


General research, materials science; scanning electron microscopy, laboratory management, workplace safety

Research Interests and Background

Since 2016 Manuela has been a member of the Forest Research Centre (FRC), working as a Research Officer for Dr Graeme Palmer, and has been involved in several projects:

  • Environmentally friendly modification of Vanuatu Whitewood (Endospermum medullosum) towards greater strength to allow a larger variety of potential application for the wood product
  • Gasification of waste wood for energy recovery
  • Modification of African Mahogani (Khaya senegalensis) towards a uniform colouration of young harvested wood

Most recently, Manuela has become a web coordinator and contributor, supporting the FRC webpage update (as part of the SCU website) to make it more relevant to current and future students, industry partners and other stakeholders, besides increasing its visual appeal.

Manuela is also affiliated with the Marine Ecology Research Centre, working as a Research Assistant for an ARC-funded collaborative team of researchers and industry dedicated to the development of antibacterial surfaces on polymers, particularly PVC, under the leadership of Dr. Lachlan Yee.

Her own research interests are in all aspects of sustainability and circular economy, waste and waste management, and innovative soil management (fertilizers addressing soil constraints and diminished soil fertility).

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