Dr R Geoff B Smith

Dr R Geoff B Smith

Current appointment: Senior Lecturer

Organisational unit: Faculty of Science and Engineering, Forest Research Centre

E: Geoff.Smith@scu.edu.au

Geoff has worked in research for government, private industry and university sectors and has covered broad areas in natural resource management. He began his career in community ecology of plant communities in the multiple use management of temporary wetlands. He then worked on forest management focusing on the domestication, silviculture, product development and economics of growing native species in plantations in the subtropics and tropics.

More recently he has worked in the Asia Pacific region in international development, studying aspects of forestry and livestock value chains.

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C Addinsall, K Glencross, N Rihai, L Kalomor, G Palmer, D Nichols, RGB Smith (2016). Enhancing agroforestry in Vanuatu: striking the balance between individual entrepreneurship and community development; Forests, Trees and Livelihoods 25 (1), 78-96

R Virannamanga, K Glencross, G Palmer, JD Nichols, RGB Smith (2015). The Whitewood (Endospermum medullosum) value-chain in Vanuatu and impediments to development of a plantation-based industry; Small-scale Forestry 14 (2), 139-153