Dr John Grant

John Grant

List of Recent Publications

HTT Do, JC Grant, NB Trinh, HC Zimmer, LD Tran, JD Nichols (2019); Recovery of tropical moist deciduous dipterocarp forest in Southern Vietnam; Forest Ecology and Management 433, 184-2042019

HTT Do, JC Grant, BN Trinh, HC Zimmer, JD Nichols (2017); Diversity depends on scale in the forests of the Central Highlands of Vietnam; Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity 10 (4), 472-488 2017

P Nageli, J Grant, JD Nichols, D Sheil, B Horton (2016); Bell miner associated dieback: nutrient cycling and herbivore crown damage in Eucalyptus propinqua; Australian Forestry 79 (1), 74-82 2016