Dr Kevin Glencross

Dr Kevin Glencross

Research Interests and Background

Dr Kevin Glencross has been actively involved in the replanting of forests for over 20 years, with particular interest and expertise in carbon sequestration, design and monitoring of biodiversity- environmental plantings, timber plantations and mixed species forest systems. He is actively involved in reforestation, agroecology and agroforestry research programs in Australia, China and the Pacific region specialising in integrating agriculture and trees, restoration of degraded land and building rural livelihoods since 2007.

Kevin is currently involved in projects that look to link reforestation to broader environmental services (reducing erosion, protection catchments and building soil fertility), ecotourism and food production. He has also been involved in designing, establishing and managing large scale tree planting programs as well as ecosystem restoration projects for Community based groups (Subtropical Farm Forestry Association), Government agencies and industry (Water and Carbon Group - 2 Million Trees Project- Brisbane City Council).

List of Recent Publications

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C Addinsall, B Weiler, P Scherrer, K Glencross (2017); Agroecological tourism: bridging conservation, food security and tourism goals to enhance smallholders’ livelihoods on South Pentecost, Vanuatu; Journal of Sustainable Tourism 25 (8), 1100-1116

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