Professor Jerry Vanclay, Director


B.Sc. (1978) (Forestry) (Hons) Australian National University
Dip.Comp.Sc. (1980) University of Queensland
B.A. (1984) (Statistics) University of Queensland
M.Sc. (1983) University of Oxford
D.Sc.For. (1992) University of Queensland


  • Forest Inventory Systems
  • Forest Growth Modelling and Yield Prediction
  • Decision Support Systems for Natural Resource Policy

Research Interests and Background

The contribution of Jerry Vanclay to forest science in Australia and across the world has been outstanding. He has made profound contributions to modelling forest ecosystems and his research has been visionary affecting the management of forests in many countries. While his primary field of work has been forest mensuration and growth modelling, the scope of his work as described by his publication record is far wider. His research has covered native and planted forests, forest policy, forests and society, natural resource management, biodiversity, tree breeding, wood science, sustainability and water management. The size of the collection of published work is equally impressive exceeding 300 titles including 3 books.

Jerry started his career at the top of his graduating class of 1977 at ANU. His first professional engagement was with the Queensland Forestry Department's resources branch. There he established himself as a stand out intellect among a small group of foresters who were at the cutting edge of developments in computational statistics and forest growth and yield modelling. In his spare time he contributed other areas such as seed orchard designs, and developed a program for culling seed orchards based on a number of criteria that showed brilliance!

In 1991 Jerry joined the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen as Professor of Tropical Forestry then in 1995 he moved to CIFOR as a principle scientist. Currently he is Professor of Sustainable Forestry and Head of the School of Environment Science and Engineering at Southern Cross University.

Awards and Distinctions

Jerry received a doctorate (D.Sc.For.) from the University of Queensland in 1992, was awarded the Queen's Award for Forestry in 1997, and the IUFRO Scientific Achievement Award in 2010.

He chaired (2004-09) the Expert Independent Advisory Panel to the Minister of Sustainability and the Environment in Victoria.

He serves the IUFRO on the International Council and is deputy coordinator of division 4 4.00.00 - Forest Assessment Modelling and Management.

He has been a member of IFA since his graduation with the exception of brief period while overseas. He has served as reviewer of, and contributor to "Australian Forestry" and is a member of the Tertiary Forest Education subcommittee and the Tropical Forestry Special Interest Group.

In his current role as educator, researcher and mentor, he serves students aged eighteen to eighty something and every generation in between. The men and women who are students of forest science at SCU could not be a more diverse mix of origins connected by enthusiasm for forestry that Jerry brings to every forum. His leadership is about creating the greatest opportunities for students that resources can provide, while he continues to push at the boundaries of our understanding.

He has given outstanding service to forestry and the Institute and the IFA invites him to become a Fellow of the Institute of Foresters of Australia.

Recent Publications

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H Xue, A Mäkelä, L Valsta, JK Vanclay, T Cao (2019) Comparison of population-based algorithms for optimizing thinnings and rotation using a process-based growth model; Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 1-11 

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