Examinations and Graduation

Steps for Examination

  1. Candidates are required to give four (2) months' notice of the expected date on which the thesis will be submitted to hdrexamination@scu.edu.au
  2. Before the Graduate School can accept your thesis for examination, your examiners must be approved, noting that the identity of the examiners must remain confidential from the candidate at all times.
  3. For guidelines on thesis presentation please refer to our HDR Student Handbook (pdf).
  4. Candidates must in accordance with the SCU text software matching policy submit their thesis for text-matching analysis in accordance with Text Software Matching Policy prior to submitting their thesis for examination. Please refer to the following the Text Matching Software Higher Degree by Research Procedures.
  5. All students are required to submit the following to the Graduate School when submitting their thesis for examination:
  • HDR submission of thesis by principal supervisor form
  • Copy of the text matching software report
  • Electronic copy of the thesis and spiral bound copies as required (refer to Principal supervisor or hdrexamination@scu.edu.au for number of spiral bound copies required).

Once your thesis has been submitted for examination it takes approximately 6-8 weeks for the Graduate School to receive all the reports. Once all examiner reports have been received these reports together with any annotated copies of your examined thesis will be sent to the school director and your principal supervisor for release to you. Please refer to our HDR Student Handbook  regarding the 2 step process for dealing with examiner reports


Once a Candidate has completed all changes to the thesis and Dean, Graduate Studies has recommended the award of degree, it is a prerequisite of course completion that Candidates provide the following material to the HDR Officer

  1. One electronic copy of the final thesis in PDF format; and
  2. One unbound copy of the final thesis; and
  3. A 100 word Abstract of the thesis; and
  4.  Thesis Deposit and Verification Form. This requirement is pursuant to the University's policy that, subject to authorised exemption, all theses are to be included in the University Library's repositories.

Upon receipt of this material the Graduate School will initiate the preparation of your academic transcripts and refer your name to the Graduation Office in preparation for Graduation. Candidates should also be aware that there are copyright implications you must address before making your thesis available online.