As you progress through your candidature there are important milestones that you need to achieve:

1. Confirmation of candidature

Per SCU rules Masters by Thesis candidates will serve a confirmation period no longer than six months full-time or 12 months part-time and PhD candidates will serve a confirmation period of at least six and no longer than nine months full-time equivalent.

Confirmation of candidature means you have been assessed as having the capacity to undertake the research project you have nominated and complete the degree.

Please see the Confirmation of Candidature Guidelines document.

2. In Candidature Review

For PhD candidates, an In-candidature review would be 12 months post Confirmation of Candidature (full time equivalent). For Masters by Thesis candidates and Professional Doctorate candidates, an In-candidature review would be 9 months post Confirmation of Candidature (full time equivalent).This is to evaluate progression towards finalisation of your research projects and the submission of your thesis is on track against the timeline provided at Confirmation of Candidature.

Please see the In Candidature review guidelines document

3. Progress reports

As a candidate you are expected to make satisfactory progress toward completion of your degree, and as per SCU rules you are required to report on your progress every six months. This progress report is submitted to the Graduate School and both you and your supervisors have the opportunity to identify any issues that may have arisen. Confidential reports can be submitted direct to the Manager of the Graduate School should either the student or supervisors wish to report on an issue they feel uncomfortable about raising with each other. 

The major purpose of progress reports is to make the Graduate School aware of difficulties you may be having related to your research and/or supervision. Progress reports also allow the Graduate School to ensure that your supervisors and SDHDRT are aware of any problems that need to be addressed, that you are maintaining regular contact with your supervisors, and that you are making satisfactory progress in accordance with your research timeline.