Do you have more to offer in your field? Are you keen to broaden your inquisitive nature and contribute significant research to the arts, humanities, or social sciences?

At Southern Cross University, our Master of Arts and Social Sciences expands your research in social policy, social welfare, history, politics, communication, cultural studies, and more. You can also produce original creative works in the areas of new media, visual arts, music, and creative writing. Masters of Arts may produce a multi-modal output, combining creative work/s and academic thesis or exegesis.

Supervised by the distinguished researchers in Southern Cross University's Faculty of Business, Law and Arts or Facutly of Health, students will join a vibrant and multidisciplinary learning community.

Community-engaged research is key as students team up with community organisations and local businesses around issues such as food security, homelessness, and creative arts.

Academic staff in the Faculty of Business, Law and Arts can provide supervision for various discipline areas. Please search for a supervisor on our Find a Supervisor page.

Meet your supervisors