Admission requirements

To qualify for admission to a PhD, applicants must:

  • Possess a degree equivalent to a Bachelor's degree from the University with first-class Honours or second class Honours, first division, or
  • Possess a degree equivalent to a Masters degree from the University, with a Relevant Research Component, or
  • Submit other evidence of relevant professional qualifications and experience, or research experience, to satisfy the Dean (Graduate Studies) that the applicant possesses a level of relevant research experience equivalent to an award in either clause (4)a or (4)b; and satisfy such additional requirements for admission to a PhD candidature, if any, as may be prescribed by the Dean (Graduate Studies).

All candidates are expected to be proficient in English comprehension and expression.

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Research proposal

Southern Cross GeoScience situated in the Faculty of Science and Engineering specialises in multidisciplinary research that broadens our knowledge and understanding of ancient and contemporary environmental systems.

Core areas of research are environmental geochemistry, coastal floodplain wetlands, river basin and water shed, archaeogeochemistry and geochronology

To find out more about our broad research areas visit the Southern Cross GeoScience research page.