Why Study at SCU?

Professor Les Christidis

Southern Cross University has been widely recognised for the excellence and focus of its research. Southern Cross University is a young and vibrant university actively engaged in research that is critical to the well-being of our region and yet is also of global importance.

The Graduate School is essential to the academic mission of our university. The training of our graduate research candidates is a high priority for the university and their research activities form a vital part of our university's research programs

To be a part of Southern Cross University's research graduate community is to be part of an academic community that is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge of value to our regional communities as well as to our academic disciplines.

At the Graduate School, we are dedicated to the success of our graduate research candidates, and we are committed to helping candidates throughout their studies as well as helping to shape their professional career pathways right from the start of their studies.

Graduate research study is a journey that requires hard work, dedication and patience to overcome the obstacles that lie on the path to the discovery of new knowledge. But travelling this pathway with the help and support of supervisors, your fellow graduate research students and your university, can be a highly rewarding and life-changing experience.

I'd like to invite you to apply to join us as a graduate research candidate. I will ensure that the Graduate School will support you throughout your research journey at Southern Cross University. 

Professor Les Christidis
Dean, Graduate Studies