Occasional Speakers

Occasional Speakers' addresses from 2017 to 2019 can be viewed via the Recent Graduation Ceremonies page.

Occasional Speakers’ addresses from 2012 to 2016 can be downloaded.

Occasional Speakers addresses prior to 2012 can be accessed by contacting the Graduation Office.

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Professor Iain Graham

Occasional Address Lismore Graduation 13 December 4:00pm Ceremony (24:00)

Ms Anita Bellman

Occasional Address Lismore Graduation 13 December 10:00am Ceremony (17:19)

Professor Peter Harisson

Occasional Address Lismore Graduation 13 December 1:00pm Ceremony (16:18)

Ms Sharon McDowell-Skaines

Occasional Address Gold Coast Graduation 29 November 7:00pm Ceremony (26:19)