Southern Cross University Health Clinic offers patient-centred services for students, staff and the general public.

Associate Professor Jacqui Yoxall

Clinical Services Director

Associate Professor Jacqui Yoxall has been a registered psychologist since 1997. For more than 14 years she has combined a successful private psychology consulting practice with an academic career. Much of her work has involved inter-professional collaboration and establishment of innovative approaches to healthcare, particularly in regional and rural areas.

In her academic career she has focused on the promotion of allied health, specifically the building of the allied health evidence-base and the growth of the allied health workforce. She is passionate about inter-professional practice and preparing the next generation of health practitioners for effective and culturally sensitive practice in regional, rural and remote areas.

Associate Professor Yoxall is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and has worked in acute and community mental health, rehabilitation and return to work, aged care and dementia assessment, organisational consultancy and private practice across the clinical and forensic domains of assessment and treatment. 

Associate Professor Yoxall’s practice and research interests lie in the area of human response to trauma, the nexus between psychology and criminal or civil law and psychological assessment. She supervises PhD and Masters students and is currently leading projects in telehealth implementation in student clinical education within the Southern Cross University Health Clinic; and remote Australia inter-professional immersion placements.

Associate Professor Yoxall is a collaborative, emphatic and approachable leader who is committed to the realisation of the SCU Health Clinic as a centre of excellence for student education along with health and social care research.