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EEG (electroencephalogram) allows for sensitive assessment of physiological signals that reflect thinking and emotional reactions to a range of visual and auditory stimuli. The EEG Lab operates a BrainVision 64 channel EEG with both wet and dry cap capability.

EyeTracking Lab

This lab is equipped with the EyeLink 1000 Plus, the world’s most precise and accurate video-based eye tracker. Eye tracking technology is a useful tool in assessing changes in memory and cognitive abilities in older adults and as an index of persistent effects of concussion.

Applied Emotions Lab

Delivers multi-methods, translational research on the effects of increasing emotional competence and literacy. The cross-disciplinary work to emerge from the lab focusses on pleasure and emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) more generally and on the relationships between these and wellbeing, productivity, creativity, and resilience.

Language and Reading Lab

Here we conduct research on language and reading-related research in children and adults. This includes first and second languages and writing systems as well as language use in different contexts. Much of our research focuses on the under-researched languages and writing systems of south and southeast Asia. We have international collaborations in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, China and Europe.