Discover the newest Health Sciences Building in Australia at Southern Cross University.

Running track laboratory

A running track flows through the building to teach mechanics for movement, applied biomechanics, motor control, motor learning and more. The lab provides for biomechanical analysis of movement with an infrared motion-capture system and synchronised force plate.

Study of human body systems

Teaching spaces have been customised for the study and analysis of human body systems including circulatory, respiratory, metabolic systems at rest and during exercise. Equipment includes ergometers (bikes/treadmills), metabolic cart, and lifting platform.

Occupational therapy spaces

Cutting edge occupational therapy spaces feature specialised adaptive kitchen cabinets and benches, tables, and a mix of manual and electric bathroom fittings. Students will experience two different types of ceiling hoists.

Teaching laboratory

A smaller teaching laboratory is connected via a wooden footbridge to the external learning space. The personal skills lab is suitable for small group learning in mental health, exercise psychology and Indigenous health.

Hospital ward simulation

Replicating a four-bed hospital ward, the clinical skills lab offers nursing, midwifery and occupational therapy students the opportunity to learn a wide range of clinical skills, including patient handling, wound care, and patient assessments.

Simulation mannequin laboratory

Specialised high-fidelity mannequins in the simulation laboratory can be programmed by staff to simulate nursing and midwifery scenarios. Teaching and technical staff can watch and assess the students from the control room via room cameras and one-way glass.

Clinical sciences laboratory

A large clinical sciences laboratory features twin screens with the ability to use a central room camera to share learning across the whole class. For example, the camera may be zoomed into a hand splinting demonstration for occupational therapy students learning to make hand splints.

Healing and Yarning Circle

The Yarning and Healing Circle is a flexible learning and meeting place where students and teachers can hold external sessions. It is also a place where people in the community can gather and sit down together for a shared purpose.