"I had the opportunity to meet people who work in the health sector ... it made it easier for me to secure work after finishing my study."

Jodi Wittenberg

Psychology Honours graduate


School of Health and Human Sciences

Professor Julie Jomeen, Executive Dean, Faculty of Health

My name's Julie Jomeen. I am the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health here at Southern Cross University.

My background is as a clinical nurse and a midwife. I've worked as a midwife for the majority of my career and I'm also a Professor of Midwifery here at the University.

One of the school's dominant aims is to be part of health care workforce solutions – so our mission is very much about developing students who are going to enter the healthcare workforce of the future.

We want to ensure we are delivering the highest caliber of students who are educated in understanding contemporary healthcare. And I think that means how we help our students to understand inter-professional working, how they work in teams and how they are up to date with the latest evidence to underpin the practice that they're engaged in.

We're a School that delivers education across a range of healthcare professions.

We provide programmes in Nursing and Midwifery and a number of Allied Health professions -Speech, Osteopathy, Podiatry, Pedorthics - professions to be proud of. Professions in which you can really make a difference to people's lives.

We want to be part of offering solutions to healthcare problems at a local level, but also those solutions have to be relevant at a national and an international level.

We're doing research in these areas that's able to really underpin the teaching that we give to students. So that notion of research and teaching being really integrated and really well connected to ensure that our students are really up to date when they are going out into the practice setting.

So, we've got amazing new facilities in the new Health Sciences Building at our Coffs Harbour campus, we've got great facilities here at the Gold Coast with amazing clinical labs provision and the equipment we have for students to work with to learn their clinical skills, and we also have great facilities at Lismore where students can also really experience brilliant clinical skills.

One of the things that our students get here at Southern Cross is a really excellent placement experience. We work with a real broad range of healthcare providers across the whole geography of our campuses, so our students really are getting a broad range of healthcare experience relevant to their discipline.

The other thing we're really proud of here at Southern Cross is that our Psychology program in the School of Health and Human Sciences has been rated number one in the federal government QUILT data, but also in the Australian Good Universities Guide which really is an accolade to the quality of the course and the student experience, the academic experience, and the opportunities for graduate employability that students will really gain from by being on our program here at Southern Cross.

We work really closely with our accrediting bodies, and that means we are absolutely certain that our programs are delivered to a high standard and that we are ensuring our students achieve the competencies they need in order to go on and successfully professionally register.

So, Southern Cross University and their Faculty of Health offers great courses and world-class facilities.

If you're interested in studying with us please visit scu.edu.au/study