Hands-on learning experiences with life-sized anatomical models in the Anatomy and Physiology Lab at the Gold Coast campus.

SCU Health Clinic

This purpose-built health and teaching facility provides real-life patient consultations in a range of allied health modalities including osteopathy, clinical exercise physiology, podiatry, pedorthics and speech pathology. For these student-led clinics -- conducted in a safe and supervised environment – you will engage in clinical activities like assessment and diagnosis, treatment planning and intervention, and evaluation of patients’ needs.

Anatomy and Physiology Lab

For students studying nursing, midwifery, exercise science, occupational therapy, podiatry, pedorthics, speech pathology and biomedical science. A range of scientific and diagnostic equipment and interactive software provides students with hands-on learning experience in preparation for entry into nursing, allied health and science professions. Equipment includes life-sized anatomical models, microscopes, histological slides, dissection and psychological testing equipment.

Anatomy Cadaver (Wet) Lab

In this lab students gain an in-depth understanding of the function of human bones, muscles and ligaments, as well as the cardiovascular, urinary, reproductive, respiratory, and nervous systems of the human body. The lab uses cadaver specimens, giving occupational therapy, podiatry, pedorthics, speech pathology and sport and exercise science students a unique experience and insight into human anatomy to facilitate learning and pedagogy in the allied health and scientific fields.

Nursing Labs

Fitted with state-of-the-art hospital and electronic teaching equipment to create simulated clinical ward environments. Part-task trainers and mannequins allow students to practise skills as well as involve themselves in scenario-based learning and patient care. The hi-fidelity sim lab is equipped with a programmable interactive model called SIM-man which simulates real-life conditions and patients.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Lab

Provides occupational therapy students with practical facilities to develop their clinical skills. The lab is fitted with a range of adaptive equipment including wheelchairs, electrical beds and hoist systems; accessible shower, bath and kitchen facilities with adjustable bench and wash basin. Students can apply therapeutic techniques in this model environment for simulating home, community, and hospital-based rehabilitation for clients of all ages and abilities.

Speech Language Lab

Designed for speech pathology studies, this facility is sound treated to enable high quality sound transmission and phonetic transcription of speech sounds. It includes computers with state-of-the-art software for students to analyse speech and voice. Video capabilities provide additional learning opportunities. Students can observe qualified clinical speech pathologists in educator roles, or other students and themselves working with clients with a range of communication disorders.

Pedorthics/Podiatry Manufacturing Lab

Here students work with materials to design and manufacture orthotics and customised corrective footwear in this modern, state-of-the-art, purpose-built 240m2 facility. It contains machinery for grinding and polishing, ovens and vacuum presses for moulding orthotics, and sewing machines. There is a separate plaster room and gluing area, and the extensive dust extraction system ensures clean air is continually available to the laboratory working environment.

Movement Lab

This lab contains a range of sport and exercise science, podiatry, pedorthics, biomechanics and gait analysis equipment for students to gain hands-on practical experience analysing human movement and physiology. Equipment includes an in-floor force plate, medical-grade treadmill, cycle ergometers, portable pressure mapping systems, motion capture and analysis system, expired gas analysis system, EMG, ECG spirometry and other human measurement equipment.

Midwifery Birth Suite

Designed to simulate childbirth environments, from natural childbirth to high dependency births, using the latest technology. Midwifery students use highly specialised equipment and practise on anatomical/simulation models, including a hi-fidelity interactive mannequin called SIM-Mum. Students also access a purpose-built neonatal care environment.

Manual Therapies Labs

Designed for occupational therapy, podiatry, pedorthics and sport and exercise science students to analyse, assess and develop functional goals and a range of intervention approaches in order to address sensory motor, biomechanical and physiological challenges to human function.

Three students in Chemistry lab undertaking experiments

Chemistry Lab

For students studying osteopathy, sport and exercise and biomedical science. This lab is equipped with chemistry preparation equipment and analytical instrumentation for chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition and food science studies.

Personal Skills Lab

This lab is used by occupational therapy students and includes equipment used for play-based assessment and intervention.