Bachelor of Nursing

880 hours (approx.) of supervised clinical placements provide you with nursing experience in public and private hospitals and health agencies. These may include acute and low care health facilities; community settings; mental health facilities; extended residential aged care; GP practices; Indigenous health; health promotion and education; intensive care; paediatrics; health clinics; accident and emergency; palliative care; primary health care settings and related nursing and health service. Elective opportunities include rural and remote, and international placements.

Master of Social Work (Professional Qualifying)

1,000 hours of supervised practice completed in two separate organisations in different fields of practice so that students gain a diversity of experience. The Social Work Field Placement I unit involves 400 hours (57 days) in the first year (of full-time study), with a minimum of three days per week spent on placement. In addition, the Social Work Field Placement II unit involves 600 hours (86 days) in the second year (of full-time study), with a minimum of three days per week spent on placement. These time commitments apply to both full-time and part-time students.

Bachelor of Speech Pathology

1000 hours (approx.) of placements in diverse settings which might include the University’s on-campus Health Clinics, public hospitals, private practice, community health, rehabilitation centres, aged care facilities, schools and rural health locations.

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science

140 hours of placement in the final year of the course. This may be within clinical settings, the health and fitness industry, community and professional sport, elite programs of state and national sport organisations, schools, academies of sport, and within the wider sport, recreation and leisure industries.

Bachelor of Podiatry, Bachelor of Pedorthics

2000 hours (approx.) of placement activity in various settings. Refer to the individual degrees for details.