“The Honours Program was really well-rounded, so after I finished I really prospered.”

Rachel Clark

Psychology Honours student

[Joshua Toope – Registered Nurse Honours Student]

 So one of the reasons I’ve chosen to do the honours grad program is the opportunities that I know it is going to open up in the future. I’d like to perhaps look at doing my masters one day and I think it is a good stepping stone on the way to getting there.

[Jana Joveljic- Registered Nurse Honours Student ]

I thought it was a great opportunity to pursue further studies whilst undertaking my graduate year and being supported by both the University and NSW Health in doing so.

[Joshua] Besides that, it also puts me in a good position to take on leadership roles in the future like CNS or nurse unit managing.

[Jana] I’d always known I wanted to pursue further studies. I’m interested in moving into critical care or education.

[Joshua] It gives me a two-year contract within the NSW Health Department and I really like the stability that kind of brings to my life.

[Jana] With the honours program you don’t have to attend university in person. It’s all online, which makes it a lot more flexible, but I prefer to go in person.

[Joshua] The workload has been extremely manageable because I’m sure as a lot of uni students are aware of we do tend to work quite a bit while doing our undergraduate studies. I’ve actually found that I’m working less now than while I was doing my undergraduate registered nursing degree.

 [Jana] One of the best things about this honours program is all the support that’s involved. We get a lot of support from our supervisors.

[Ryan Armstrong – Nurse Unit Manager] Support for me within the honours program, I guess, that’s the exciting thing. It interacts very much so with clinical leadership. So, for me I can pass on what I’ve found works in projects that I’ve been involved in. I think it’s a great transition for the student to work with them, utilising a structure from a clinical perspective and also an academic background and moulding that together to get the best outcomes for our patients.

[Jana] I would definitely recommend the program to any future student. It’s just a great opportunity to dip your toes into further study whilst also being supported.