“The Honours Program was really well-rounded, so after I finished I really prospered.”

Rachel Clark

Psychology Honours student

Associate Professor Christina Aggar

Associate Professor

Research interests: Primary health care, transition programs for new graduate nurses, clinical skills education, chronic care and rehabilitation, carers and caregiving, international students and nurses

Dr Kachina Allen


Research interests: Cognitive psychology, attention, perception, speech and language processing, psychophysiology

Dr Jacinta Arellano

Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)

Nutritional biochemistry, herbal medicine and plant constituents, and biomedical science

Dr Alex Barwick

Course Coordinator, Lecturer

Research interests: Chronic foot disease, diabetes, screening for peripheral arterial disease, footwear, lower limb biomechanics

Dr Kyle Bennett


Research interests: Skill acquisition, expertise, talent, development, esports, performance analysis, sport science

Dr Jessica Browne


Research interests: Respiratory infectious disease, otitis media, clinical microbiology, antimicrobial resistance, microbe-host relationships, immunology

Dr Paul Butterworth

Senior Lecturer

Research interests: Obesity and foot pain, foot surgery, chronic disease

Professor Andrew Cashin


Research interest: Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr Yingyan (Lisa) Chen

Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)

Research interests: Knowledge translation, process evaluation, change management, cardiovascular nursing research

Dr Mike Climstein

Senior Lecturer

Research interests: Water-based research (surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, etc.), DXA (segmental body composition)

Associate Professor Rosanne Coutts

Associate Professor

Research interests: Sport and exercise psychology, exercise physiology, sport science, exercise science, exercise interventions, teaching and learning in health

Dr Zachary Crowley-McHattan


Research interests: Motor control, motor learning, neuromuscular control, skill acquisition, skill analysis

Dr Elizabeth Emmanuel

Senior lecturer

Research interests: Women’s health, motherhood, domestic violence, learning, quality of life

Professor Marie Hutchinson


Research interests: Nursing; nursing workforce; safety and quality; child and family nursing; patient participation; workplace bullying; domestic and family violence

Dr Elaine Jefford

Senior Lecturer

Research interests: Maternity, women’s health, education/curriculum, clinical reasoning & decision-making, perinatal mental wellbeing, unregulated health workers (Doulas)

Associate Professor Deb Massey

Associate Professor and Group Lead Nursing

Research interests: Midwifery, midwifery education, interprofessional education, women’s health, maternal and infant heath

Associate Professor Gayle McLelland

Associate Professor

Research interests: Midwifery, midwifery education, interprofessional education, women’s health, maternal and infant heath

Beth Mozolic-Staunton

Course Coordinator and Lecturer

Knowledge translation, prospective community-based design Occupational Therapy, Paediatrics, Early Intervention, School-based practice, Autism Spectrum Disorder, health and early childhood education workforce capacity building, service-learning and practice education

Dr Karin Plummer

Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)

Research interests: Nursing, pain, oncology, paediatrics

Dr Alexia Rohde

Senior Lecturer

Research interests: Allied health care, evidence based practice, epidemiology, acquired communication disorders

Dr Nedeljka Rosic


Research interests: Neurodegenerative diseases, genetics, medicinal bio-products, environmental stress markers, host-microbe interaction

Dr Nasim Salehi


Public health/health promotion, health services management/healthcare leadership, health and community services, social capital, social determinants of health, social policy and practice, social psychology, mental health and wellbeing, health psychology, citizen science, digital health, health education

Lucy Shinners

Lecturer (Teaching Scholar)

Research interests: Artificial intelligence, digital technology, intensive care

Dr Kirstine Shrubsole


Research interests: Implementation science, evidence-based practice, knowledge translation, stroke rehabilitation, aphasia, acquired communication disorders, communication access, Parkinson’s disease

Dr Christopher Stevens

Senior Lecturer

Research interests: Sports science, exercise physiology, environmental physiology, training monitoring, exercise engagement

Dr Felicity Walker


Research interests: Nursing, nursing workforce, leadership, management, teamwork, supervision and delegation, clinical placement education, collegiality/ civility in the workplace, the new graduate nurse experience, communication

Dr Nicola Whiteing


Research interests: Nursing, preparation for practice, curriculum design, rural and remote nursing, workforce

Associate Professor Jacqui Yoxall

Head of Allied Health and Midwifery

Research interests: Deception detection and malingering, interpersonal violence and risk assessment, human response to trauma, interprofessional education, psychological assessment, program evaluation