Alex Barwick

Dr Alex Barwick

Bachelor of Podiatry; Bachelor of Podiatry & Pedorthics

Dr Alex Barwick is a registered podiatrist with experience in private and public practice. Teaching focus on research skills for health workers, foot wound prevention and management and interprofessional practice. Research focus is on the at-risk foot and prevention of non-traumatic amputations.

Kyle Bennett Headshot

Dr Kyle Bennett

Bachelor of Health & Human Sciences (Honours)

Dr Kyle Bennett is a Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science, located at the Coffs Harbour Campus. Kyle is an active early career researcher interested in skill acquisition, expertise, talent, and youth development.

Lisa Charmer

Bachelor of Midwifery

Lisa is a registered midwife and nurse with over twenty years of experience working in the UK and Australia in clinical, academic and management roles. Lisa's current research explores midwifery care practitioners personal experience of trauma during the child birthing journey.

Mike Climstein

Associate Professor Mike Climstein

Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Mike has 125 papers, 11 book chapters, 38 grants totalling $7.8m. Research directions: clinical exercise physiology, masters athletes (medical/health history), aging/disease on bone health/segmental body composition (DXA) cardiac rehabilitation, surfing performance and more.

Sheri Cooper

Dr Sheri Cooper

Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education and Management

Sheri is an Accredited Practising Dietitian - Nutritionist, and Credentialled Diabetes Educator with 20 years’ experience working in the areas of public health nutrition and chronic disease management. Sheri is a member of the Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE) Education Review Expert Reference Group and is investigating the current CDE education pathway.

Corinne Cribb

Corinne Cribb

Bachelor of Speech Pathology

Corinne has an extensive background in community and not for profit organisations working primarily with individuals with a disability, across the lifespan. She has a strong interest in autism, as well as supporting clinical education in students and early career Speech Pathologists.

Kitty Foley Headshot

Kitty-Rose Foley

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Dr Kitty-Rose Foley is a Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy at SCU. Kitty’s research interests are related to improving the health and wellbeing of children, adults and older people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Anna Foster

Anna Foster

Bachelor of Nursing - Enrolled Nurse Pathway

Anna has worked in intensive care for fifteen years in both Australia and the UK. She moved tertiary education ten years ago, with a focus on bridging the gap in enrolled nursing qualification to registered nursing. Her research interest is in climate change and the impact on health, as well simulated health education.

Bimbi Gray

Bimbi Gray

Bachelor of Clinical Sciences (Osteopathic Studies); Masters of Osteopathic Medicine

Bimbi’s primary focus is to support safe and professional student placement and facilitate evidence-informed clinical education in osteopathy. Bimbi is a registered osteopath and has clinical interest in interdisciplinary care, with a particular focus on chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Desirée Kozlowski

Dr Desirée Kozlowski

Bachelor of Psychological Science

Desirée is a highly engaged and successful researcher and educator in psychology. Desirée’s research is in the areas of pleasure, emotional intelligence, and gender roles and she specialises in multidisciplinary research in real life settings.

Richard Lakeman

Dr Richard Lakeman

Postgraduate Mental Health Programmes

Richard has worked in New Zealand, Ireland and Australia in clinical, academic and management roles relating primarily to the provision of mental health services. Teaching experience has encompassed all aspects of mental health care, case-management, health care ethics, philosophy, numeracy and research methods.

Nasim Salehi

Dr Nasim Salehi

Master of Healthcare Leadership; Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Leadership

Dr Nasim Salehi has been involved in multidisciplinary research projects, focusing on providing advanced models of care through improved health and wellbeing (particularly prevention and health promotion), reducing disparities for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, and increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness of services.

Lucy Shinners

Lucy Shinners

Bachelor of Nursing; Graduate Certificate in Australian Nursing

Lucy Shinners is an experienced intensive care nurse who has worked in Australia and overseas for the past twenty years. Lucy is interested in digital health technology and its impact on the healthcare system, the journey of the student, and the healthcare workforce.

Chris Stevens

Dr Chris Stevens

Bachelor of Exercise Science & Psychological Science

Dr Chris Stevens teaches into the units ‘Exercise Physiology’ and ‘Exercise Physiology and Prescription’. His research interests include improving all aspects of sports performance, specifically the areas of sports physiology and environmental physiology.

Man, smiling with dark hair and beard

Alex Terrill

Bachelor of Pedorthics

Alex is a podiatrist and mechanical engineer. Alex’s teaching focuses are lower limb biomechanics, orthoses, and clinical skills, with interest in applying emerging technologies to healthcare.


Dr Louise Whitaker

Bachelor of Social Welfare; Master of Social Work (Professional Qualifying)

Senior Lecturer in Social Work and Social Welfare. Worked in human services sector for more than 20 years.

John Whitting

Dr John Whitting

Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science

John completed his Bachelor in 2005 (1st class honours), and PhD in 2010, both in applied biomechanics at UOW. His research interests focus on applied biomechanics during highly dynamic movements and activities, as well as in understanding in-vivo muscle-tendon mechanics.

Ken Wojcikowski

Dr Ken Wojcikowski

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Dr Wojcikowski, has a PhD in pharmacology from the University of Queensland and an MSc in pharmacology/pharmacognosy from Southern Cross University. In 2015, he was awarded an Australian National Teaching Citation for 'Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning'.