Professor Andrew Cashin

Professor Andrew Cashin

Professor of Autism and Intellectual Disability

Dr Andrew Cashin is Professor of Autism and Intellectual Disability, Faculty of Health. Andrew conducts a Nurse Practitioner clinic for people with autism, their families and those that work with people with autism at the Southern Cross University Health Centre.

Professor John Hurley

Professor John Hurley

Director Higher Degrees Research

John is a Professor of Mental Health and works clinically at Headspace as a credentialed mental health nurse and experiential psychotherapist. He is the Faculty Director of Higher Degree Research. John has over 100 international peer-reviewed publications, is a Fellow of the Australian College of Mental Health Nursing and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Topics of expertise are mental health, emotional intelligence and health workforce over a range of research methodologies.

Professor Shi Zhou

Professor of Sport and Exercise Science

Shi is an exercise scientist. He obtained his PhD from The University of Melbourne in 1994. His research interests are mainly in the areas of neuromuscular responses and adaptations to exercise and sport training, and effects of exercise interventions for selected populations and health conditions. He has established strong international research links, and successfully supervised numerous PhD and Masters students to completion. His research outcomes have been published in numerous publications.

Sally Sargeant

Associate Professor Sally Sargeant

Associate Professor

Dr. Sally Sargeant has forged an esteemed career in teaching, research and service in health psychology and medicine. She has received several teaching awards, including an Australian National Citation as part of a team developing indigenous health curricula. She served as Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Health from 2017-2020, and now teaches in the Bachelor of Psychological Science and Honours programs.

Mike Climstein

Dr Mike Climstein

Course Coordinator, Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Mike is also Adjunct Assoc. Professor in Physical Activity, Lifestyle, Ageing and Wellbeing at Sydney Uni. Has 125 papers, 11 book chapters, 38 grants totalling $7.8m. Editorial board of PeerJ and Sports (Basel), reviewer for a number of sports science and clinical/medical journals. Research directions: clinical exercise physiology, masters athletes (medical/health history), aging/disease on bone health/segmental body composition (DXA) cardiac rehabilitation, surfing performance and more.

Sheri Cooper

Dr Sheri Cooper

Course Coordinator, Graduate Diploma of Diabetes Education and Management

Dr Sheri Cooper is an Accredited Practising Dietitian - Nutritionist, and Credentialled Diabetes Educator with 20 years’ experience working in the areas of public health nutrition and chronic disease management.  Current research projects include food literacy in chronic disease, gestational diabetes and health outcomes for women, willingness-to-pay for front-of-pack food labelling and Credentialled Diabetes Educator education review.

Dr Sandra Grace

Director, Teaching & Learning; Professor of Osteopathy & Integrative Medicine

Sandra is a health services researcher, with a focus on models of primary care, program evaluation and interprofessional education and practice. She established the Osteopathic Research Alliance in 2017 and co-founded the SCU N-of-1 Clinical Trials Group. She is Deputy Chair Academic Board (Teaching & Learning) at SCU, and a member of the SA Health Practitioner Tribunal, Chiropractic Australia Research Foundation, Osteopathy Australia Research Committee, and chairs the ATMS Research Committee.

Desirée Kozlowski

Dr Desirée Kozlowski

Course Coordinator, Bachelor of Psychological Science

Desirée is a highly engaged and successful researcher and educator in psychology. Her motivation is to add value to the world through impactful research and facilitating the education of the next generation of leaders and thinkers. Desirée’s research is in the areas of pleasure, emotional intelligence, and gender roles and she specialises in multidisciplinary research in real life settings. Her first career was in corporate management.

Christina Samios

Dr Christina Samios

Honours Course Coordinator, Gold Coast Campus Lead

Dr Samios has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and has taught broadly across the field of psychology while also developing expertise in teaching statistics for the social sciences. Her research focuses on health and wellbeing in individuals and social units (e.g. couples) especially during times of stress.

Chris Stevens

Dr Chris Stevens

Course Coordinator, Bachelor of Exercise Science & Psychological Science

Dr Chris Stevens teaches into the units ‘Exercise Physiology’ and ‘Exercise Physiology and Prescription’. He is one of Australia's leading young researchers in sports science having twice been named Exercise and Sport Science Australia's best young researcher. His research interests include improving all aspects of sports performance, specifically the areas of sports physiology and environmental physiology. His current research projects investigate heat acclimation and cooling strategies.

Christian Swann

Dr Christian Swann

Chair of Human Sciences

Dr Christian Swann is currently Head of Human Sciences (comprising Psychology, Sport & Exercise Science, and Biomedical Science). His research is in sport and exercise psychology, with particular focus on: goal setting in physical activity promotion; the psychology of exceptional performance; and the promotion of mental health in sport.

Ken Wojcikowski

Dr Ken Wojcikowski

Course Coordinator, Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Dr Wojcikowski, has a PhD in pharmacology from the University of Queensland and an MSc in pharmacology/pharmacognosy from Southern Cross University. In 2015, he was awarded an Australian National Teaching Citation for 'Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning'. His research interests include ‘student preferences in online education’ and ‘drug discovery from natural sources’.

John Whitting

Dr John Whitting

Course Coordinator, Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science

John completed his Bachelor in 2005 (1st class honours), and PhD in 2010, both in applied biomechanics at UOW. In 2011 he took a position as a research fellow at the Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) at the University of Calgary, before moving back to Australia in 2013 for a continuing academic position at Southern Cross. His research interests focus on applied biomechanics during highly dynamic movements and activities, as well as in understanding in-vivo muscle-tendon mechanics.