You might be a healthy volunteer or you might have a health condition. We invite you to become a participant and make a difference.

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Inclusion criteria:
  • Both men and women in the age range of 18-65 years are eligible
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Fasting blood glucose greater than 6.0 mmol/L, or diagnosed with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes by your doctor
  • Body mass index >25 kg/m2 (i.e. overweight or obese)
  • No planned changes to medication regimen for hyperglycaemia (high blood sugars) (e.g. metformin, acarbose) or other metabolic diseases (e.g. lipid-lowering drugs)
  • No planned major lifestyle changes during the research period (i.e. commencement/ceasing of exercise regimen, pregnancy, new diet, etc.).