I had made up my mind since I was in tenth grade that I wanted to go to Australia

Hi, my name is Diksha Gidwaney and I studied Business at Southern Cross University in Australia

I studied a Bachelor of Business majoring in Management, and what I really enjoyed about this degree was the practical experience that I got from it.

So, it was not just assignments but it was actually doing research on practical businesses and ventures that are coming up - which is really important so that we are prepared when we leave University, so that we are strong as confident that yes – that it what we want to do, or that is what we want to learn from.

Southern Cross made sure that when I went to study there, they made sure that everything was there for me, ready to go, which made my parents more comfortable in sending me all alone, because they were sending me in the right hands.

The Gold Coast lifestyle is very relaxed, and laid back which is amazing. I prefer going for hikes in the national parks like Burleigh Heads, or else going to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary just so that I can unwind and relax, and the beach just across the road.

Being able to meet and connect with all the people from around the world has helped me to grow and become more outgoing as well, which is kind of like blossoming me into a completely different person, and this is going to definitely help my career.