I came to Australia as an international student to study accounting. Now I am working in the industry doing what I studied.

Hi my name is Ishita and I am an accountant with WMS Chartered Accountants in Australia.

So, I studied Masters of Professional Accounting at Southern Cross University – this was a course for two years. Throughout those two years it was really a wonderful experience. It was studying as well as engaging with the University community.

I’m from Mumbai and it’s a pretty big city. I’ve always lived in a big city, so for me, I wanted to come to a place which gave me that balance of life – personal life, work life, uni life, everything – and Gold Coast was just perfect. Honestly, of all the cities the reason why I love Gold Coast is because it is beautiful.

When I had my interviews with a couple of universities I had applied to, of all Southern Cross was the most inviting and friendly. They shared all the links about Gold Coast, what I can do and where I can live.

Most importantly it was offered at a competitive price.

During my last exam I ended up getting a job here on the Gold Coast with an accounting firm. I got the call on last day of my exams, just before I was taking my exam, which was really good.

I would just say, for anyone who is applying to study at Southern Cross University, just do it, it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

You’re going to love it and truly enjoy it. The studying will be good and so will be the life.