How to cancel your appointment with a Learning Coach.

In this video I will show you how to cancel your appointment with a Learning Coach.

Remember it’s important, if you need to cancel an appointment, please do so, at least 2 hours in advance – this gives other students the chance to book in. 

In MySCU click on the learning Zone Icon in the top right corner,

Go to Student appointments and then, click again on the make an appointment / ask a question

This link takes you to the CareerHub login page – the Student learning Zone uses the appointment booking system in CareerHub.  Login with your student ID.

Click on Appointments,

On this page you will see a heading, My Upcoming appointments, click on this.

Your appointments appear on this page.  Click on the appointment you would like to cancel

Click on the red box - cancel booking and then click okay because you’re verifying that you want to cancel this appointment.

A message will then appear confirming booking has been cancelled.

And you will also then receive an email notification of this cancelled appointment.

Please remember it’s really important to cancel your appointment at least two hours in advance.

If this is not possible, email the Learning Zone: learningzone@scu.edu.au or telephone:

 02 6626 9262.

If you are unable to attend your appointment and do not cancel, you will be marked absent and will not be able to book another appointment for 7 days.

The Southern Cross University Learning Zone is an award-winning service here to help you and support you through your studies.