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Turnitin and Academic Integrity

Students at are asked to submit their assignments for similarity checking using Turnitin. Accessed via unit Blackboard sites, Turnitin is a web-based text-matching system that compares your submission to sources held in its repository. The Turnitin repository is updated every day and contains:

  • student papers submitted at Southern Cross University and universities around the world that use Turnitin
  • internet pages
  • online books
  • journal articles
  • conference papers.

Turnitin cannot detect plagiarism. Instead, it detects ‘matched-text’, or text your submission shares with sources held in its repository. Even so, the Similarity Report contains useful information about your writing, and is a great editing tool. View a step-by step summary of the SCU Academic Misconduct Investigation Process.

Dean of Business Professor Robin Stonecash talks about the importance of academic integrity

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Turnitin cannot detect plagiarism

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* Turnitin information for staff can be found on the Teaching with Technology website under Academic Integrity.