Dean of Business Professor Robin Stonecash talks about the importance of academic integrity

Professor Robin Stonecash discusses Academic Integrity

I’m here to talk about academic integrity today. This is an important subject for everybody in the university. It’s important for students, it’s important for the academics who teach you, and it’s important for me as the Dean of the School of Business and Tourism because we rely on our reputation. And believe it or not academic integrity is part of our reputation. If we don’t show that we’re doing the right thing by the students and that we’re ensuring that they actually learn and know what we say they learn and know then we’re really not giving you anything that’s worth very much value. And employers won’t want to employ you and your fellow students won’t know that you’ve done the work that you say you have done unless we engage in good academic practice. And that is what academic integrity is all about.

So how does a student avoid academic misconduct for example? Well you can do your own work. You can ask others for help but make sure you put it into your own words. If you quote from a source whether it be on the internet or a video clip that you pick up off of the internet, or whether it’s taking some words that are from another paper make sure that you reference it. And by referencing it what I mean is giving the author’s name, the date, the source of where you found the publication, and make sure that you put that into your paper.

And why is it so important? As I said it’s really important because we need to know that you actually know what you say you know. And we can’t mark you on it otherwise. There are very, very serious consequences to academic misconduct. If you engage in academic misconduct you may fail your subject, you most certainly will fail that assignment that you engaged in academic misconduct on, and if you fail the subject, the unit, you may very well get excluded from the university. So it’s a serious matter.

So I’d really like you to consider the next time you do an assignment ask yourself is all of this my work? Can I acknowledge the sources that I used to help me write this assignment? Have I acknowledged if I have worked with another student on an assignment for example? Make sure that it is your own work because academic integrity is all about owning what it is that you’ve done. And it’s really important to us at the university and it’s important to you.