Gerry Joe Weise

Gerry Joe Weise, land art is a visual artist currently located on the Mid North Coast in New South Wales. He has developed his artistic style whilst in Europe. He is known for his installations and Land art (also known as Earth and environmental art) which is art directly made as part of the landscape, often on a large scale, using natural materials of the environment itself.  Gerry enjoys the ephemeral nature of Land art, and focuses on eco-friendly practices.

He has exhibited in over 70 solo and group exhibitions around the world. Short of bringing in truckloads of earth to the library (!), instead his work here is exhibited in photographs. He is moving his Land art designs into textiles and furniture, and has been asked to design a 500m x 240m monumental Land art earthwork construction in Cornwall Park, Victoria, later on this year.

You can like and find more information about Gerry on his Facebook page

Date and time

From: 03:58 PM Wednesday, April 10, 2019 To: 03:58 PM Friday, May 31, 2019


Southern Cross University
Coffs Harbour Education Campus Library
Hogbin Drive, Coffs Harbour 2450