University Library Rules

By making use of the Library services and facilities, clients agree to the rules outlined below.  Failure to comply, or to refuse direction from any Library staff member, may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges for not less than one academic Session.

Food and drink

The following foods and drinks are allowed in the campus Libraries:

  • Drinks in covered containers (no alcohol).
  • Packaged, dry snack foods, e.g. muesli bars, chips, chocolates.

Please consume all other food and drink before entering the Library.

Computers and keyboards stay cleaner when food and drink are kept away from them.  Please eat only while seated at a table or desk and make sure you put all rubbish in bins provided.


The campus Libraries offer different places designed for groups, collaboration, or private study.  Please be aware of your impact on other students, especially in the areas that are designated as quiet study places.  Follow the guidelines below:

  • Put your phone on silent while you are in the Library, even in designated 'noisy' zones.
  • Keep conversations at a reasonable volume, and don't use offensive or inappropriate language.
  • Use your phone to take or make a call away from quiet zones.
  • Use headphones or earbuds at the computers when watching video or listening to audio.

Equitable access

The Library facilities and collections are available for all Southern Cross University students and staff.  Please consider how your behaviour can impact on other users.

  • Return borrowed items on time.
  • Keep group room bookings to two hours per group per day.
  • Cancel room bookings if you no longer need them.
  • Vacate seats at computers if you are not logged in during busy times.


The Library undertakes to:

  • Provide clients with reminders to help them keep track of their loans and avoid penalties for late return of materials.
  • Provide timely alerts of overdue loans that would result in recovery cost and late charges being applied if not returned.
  • Provide online access for clients to their Library accounts so that they can manage loans and requests.
  • Enable automatic renewal of borrowed material, subject to availability, to minimise the risk of accruing penalties.

Library clients are expected to:

  • Monitor their University email for notices from the Library.
  • Return loans on time.
  • Take care of and be responsible for items they borrow from the Library.
  • Be responsible for any recovery costs and overdue penalties for lost or damaged items.