Lismore campus library

Located in the heart of the campus in Goodman Plaza, the Lismore campus library opened to students in March 2015.  Its construction - along with development of the engineering precinct in A Block - was made possible with a grant from the Federal Government's Education Investment Fund (Regional Priorities).


The design of the building was a response to a multitude of changes in pedagogy, technology, lifestyles and work patterns experienced by students at the University. The building reflects the need to offer ample choice of comfortable spaces in which to learn and work, ubiquitous technology, and easy access to both virtual and face to face support on demand.

The glass walls of the group meeting rooms feature large-scale historic images of Lismore and the Northern Rivers region, like the 1979 Terania Creek protest, the Agricultural & Industrial Society’s Lismore Show (circa 1890), and the 1954 Lismore flood.

A feature of the building is the impressive AV wall which connects Levels 1, 2 and 3. There are 16 individual 55-inch screens which can be used as one giant screen or each screen can show a different image. The wall is our ‘window to the University’ and will be used for digital artworks, showcasing the work of our Schools and research centres or providing a canvas for our students to explore their creativity.


To cater for different learning styles, each level of the building provides a different focus:
Level 1 – Connect

  • A connected, welcoming location with multiple entry points
  • Informal, social and interactive learning spaces
  • Library help zone
  • Academic Skills area
  • Manning Clark Room
  • Outdoor space

Level 2 – Collaborate

  • Group study spaces – both formal and informal
  • Booths, lounges, large tables for collaborative work
  • Low shelving for connectivity and sight lines
  • “Read-Listen-Relax” zone is the University living room

Level 3 – Contemplate

  • Traditional library, with quiet, individual study spaces
  • Researcher room
  • Large balcony for outdoor study, with power and wireless access

Environmental features

  • World-class low energy consumption LEDs and advanced lighting controls. Each light is individually programmed to respond to movement and surrounding light levels.
  • All materials used are environmentally sensitive, including recycled materials and low volatility.
  • Sun modelling and sustainable design includes a stepped facade, wide balcony and sun blades to improve energy efficiency.
  • Floor-fed "labyrinth" system for high quality, efficient air cooling.
  • Complete airtight building with air locks for greater air conditioning efficiencies.
  • Solar panels for energy efficiency and to act as glare/sun control in the atrium.
  • Water harvesting and water efficiency controls.

Facts and figures

  • 6100 square metres
  • 8 group study rooms and 3 consultation rooms, bookable by students using an online booking system
  • 90 desktop PCs
  • 5-star green star aspirational, with excellent environmental conditions, including ventilation, lighting, acoustics, solar panels and water harvesting.