Manage your loans


Borrowed items will be automatically renewed, except under any of the following conditions:

  • any item you have borrowed is overdue
  • the item is reserved by another borrower
  • your borrowing rights have been suspended
  • the item has already been renewed six times

After the sixth renewal, you will receive a reminder notice that an item is due.


Always return items on or before their due date to avoid penalties.
There are return chutes outside the entrances of all campus libraries.


Please provide us with your current email address to ensure you receive reminder notices.
However, these notices are a courtesy only and should not be relied upon for return of materials. Failure to return a borrowed item by the due date may result in a fine and/or loss of borrowing privileges.

Keep track of your loans by logging into My Account in the catalogue.

  • If an item is not returned after receiving a 'long overdue' notice the user will be billed for the replacement cost of the item, including an administration processing fee.
  • Sanctions will apply until the debt is cleared.
  • You are able to accrue up to $19.50 in fines and still retain borrowing privileges, and you are encouraged to manage your fines by making partial payments to keep the accrued total below the $20 limit.
  • Once your fines reach $20 your borrowing privileges are suspended until the fine is paid in full. At the end of each year, fines totalling less than $20 will be waived.

Overdue fines:

  • General lending collection: 50 cents per item per day
  • 7-day loan (these items cannot be renewed): $5 per item per day

Paying fines

  • Fines can be paid at the Information Desk in the Library by adding funds to your print/copy (equitrac) card, or by credit card.   
  • If paying by credit card please phone your campus Library.
  • Please note: the Library does not take cash.