Publishing for impact

A publication's reliability, integrity and quality needs to be considered when identifying where to publish.

The Office of Research provides advice on Choosing a reputable publisher for your research.


A journal's impact factor is a statistical measure of its influence on the global research community, using such measures as the number of times its articles are cited in the literature. Library resources that can help to measure impact factor include:

  • Scopus Journal Analyzer - login to Scopus and select the Analytics tab. Scopus was the citation data supplier for the 2010 ERA Process.
  • Web of Science - login to Web of Science and search your topic. Web of Science lists the Source titles by record count which enables you to identify those journals which publish the most articles in your area of interest.

Open access

If your research has been funded by the ARC or NHMRC then you may need to consider whether the journal that you are publishing is an Open Access (OA) journal, or allows the postprint of your article to be placed in the Southern Cross Research Portal on Open Access. Open Access provides greater exposure to your research and can help to increase your citation rate and H-index. There are different OA models available to choose from.