Southern Cross Researcher Profiles


Research Portal and Profiles

Southern Cross University has launched a new institutional repository, the Southern Cross Research Portal.

The new Research Portal provides a platform to showcase the research of Southern Cross University researchers and, where possible, provide Open Access to publications. It replaces the previous ePublications@SCU platform.

Included in the repository are our new Southern Cross Researcher Profiles (see sample in the image to the right).

If you'd like to know more, please email


Managing your Researcher Profile page

If you are research-active you should automatically have a profile that you can access and update via the Southern Cross Researcher Profile page. 
Sign in at the top right corner of the screen.

Most pages are not yet publicly accessible. To make yours public, first you will need to log in to review the content and edit as necessary. Please use the Researcher Profile Tutorial for guidance with entering and confirming required information. Then email to request that your page be published.


FAQ about Southern Cross Researcher Profiles


Contact the Research Portal team

02 6620 3714

Publications submitted via the Office of Research publications submission forms will be added to your profile page by Library staff.

If you want to add an Open Access accepted manuscript version retrospectively please email the accepted manuscript to

Later this year some of your publications will be automatically added to your profile through an automatic harvester.

Non-Traditional Research Outputs (NTROs) can be added manually using the 'Add Research output' button. Please contact for assistance.

Most of the information in your Researcher Profile can be updated by you when you sign in.  Click the link in the top right hand corner of the page and sign in with your SCU login.

If there is a problem with a publication, or something you are unable to update, please contact

Please contact to request an updated profile photograph.

To keep a consistent look and feel across profiles, we would like all researchers to use the following formatting:

Biography (Heading 3)

Your biography details. Please keep to a maximum of 50 words.

Research (Heading 3)

Your research details. Please keep to a maximum of 50 words.

Other (optional headings to include - maximum of 50 words each section)

  • Community engagement
  • Supervision
  • Teaching
  • Other (this could be for memberships or positions)

Changing your preferred contact information must be done by Library staff.  Please contact to update.

In a future version of the Researcher Profiles we will have an Achievements tab that lists honours and awards.

Please email with any organisation memberships and editorial/board positions you hold so we can pre-poluate these fields in preparation for the upcoming Achievments tab. In the meantime, you can add notable items in your biography.

Honorary positions, e.g. adjunct status at another institution should be entered as Affiliations.

Southern Cross University Library is no longer updating bepress Selected Works pages, and the SCU branding will be removed later this year.


There is no need to add your Publons ID, as your ResearcherID is connected to Publons.